Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trinity Tuesday

Trinity is tall for her age and also has a very extensive vocabulary. She is articulate and most people can understand everything she says. The only time she is really misunderstood is when she is talking to people she doesn't know, because she whispers. I mention this because I'm so used to her looking and behaving older than she is that I forget she is only 4 1/2.
Trinity has peculiar eating habits. She won't eat bread, but loves garlic toast. She won't eat any type of pasta, including mac & cheese. She will however eat copious amounts of fruit & veggies. Her favorite snack (besides pretzels) is plain saltine crackers dipped in apple juice. And if it comes in gravy poured over mashed potatoes she is guaranteed to eat at least 3 helpings.
She would prefer to be outside over just about anything. She has a new Barbie bike that she wants to "give to another girl who might need it." Because "I'm big enough for a motorcycle." She has brought out a love of gardening in me.
She says "camelope" instead of cantaloupe. She says "gradulation" instead of graduation. And no matter how many times you correct her she always puts the state before the city. We live in "Minnesota, Albert Lea". Cousin Lunden lives in "Nevada, Henderson".
Her hugs are fierce and tight and I never want her to let go. She is always running out of kisses and has to "save the last one for Daddy or he'll be sad." She laughs with her whole body and is completely fearless. She hates to disappoint us and feels that deeper than any punishment we could ever dole out. She has empathy oozing from her every fiber. It amazes me daily how she puts the needs of others before herself, while still being a strong leader and bossing anyone who comes within hearing range around.
I was gone a lot of the weekend taking pictures. Trinity was feeling left out, so she asked if we could take pictures of her. Here is some of what we did:


Brooke said...

What a sweetheart! She's wise beyond her years, I know way too many *adults* who don't have any empathy. Sounds like you are doing a great job!

Candes said...

Great pictures. She's getting so big and always her beautiful self. :o)

Kaza said...

What a sweetheart. Absolutely beautiful too. My little one does the whispering thing too with strangers. Which is hilarious because she's such a chatterbox at home, and we're often reminding her to use her "indoor voice." The city after state thing is really funny.

Penny said...

She is a beauty :)

Tim shares her love of gravy!