Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm on vacation.

Writing that line makes me think of the movie 'City Slickers.'
We arrived safe and sound and everything is good. Trinity traveled well, with a small exception of the 90 minute flight from Minneapolis to Cincinnati. How dare I as parent discipline my child on an airplane. Okay, all I did was take her straws away, since she was tipping her Sprite and spilling down her shirt, but in her eyes I ruined her life. Then when we arrived in Cincinnati, she was tired and had a small meltdown in the airport. This consisted of her sitting in the middle of the hallway screaming "You won't leave me here!" While she was correct, I did walk away towards the escalator. Needless to say she ran to catch up. Thankfully the Cincinnati airport has a childrens play area inside the airport. What a lifesaver. The rest of the trip she was fantastic, of course she slept most of it.
I am a bit frustrated, though. Why is it that DH thinks that by sleeping and working the whole trip it is a vacation for me? Trinity still needs to be watched, played with, fed, etc. While I love being a Mom, for me a vacation is having someone help me with my mom duties. How do I get him to understand that? Sigh.
Favorite Friday is going to be delayed a little as we are driving to California tomorrow and I have no idea what the itinerary is yet. Chances are good it will either be Lunden or Trinity as they are the only people I've shot this week.

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Penny said...

Hope the vac gets better :)