Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pet peeve #487

Yes, I have a lot of pet peeves. I get annoyed often. This is not my pet peeve, but right now Twitter isn't working and that annoys me. I always start my work day with Twitter, so the fact that my day is now screwed up is pet peeve #512.
Back to pet peeve #487 and the reason for this post. I hate when people say "Call me back at this number." And you call them back and they aren't there, but that's not all - there is no answering machine. How the hell am I supposed to get you the answer you so desperately needed right away if no one & nothing answers the phone. In this great day of technology how do you not have voice mail or an answering machine. I realize you probably have caller id, but I don't want you calling me back at your convenience. I have a life, too. I want the option of not answering my work phone at 10 p.m. Of course since I didn't get a hold of you because of your lack of technology I now have to answer when you find that I did call you back, because phone tag is my pet peeve #346. I just can't win.

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Penny said...

The there are the folks who ring you and DON'T leave a message and then say "we tried to contact you but you weren't there". Humph! Not to mention our phone message has our cell #'s on it.