Monday, April 21, 2008

I've figured it out!

I've figured out why men think women are bad drivers. It has nothing to do with our ability to handle a vehicle. I'm actually a much better driver than my husband (thank goodness he doesn't read my blog). I've never been in an accident. I have only received a couple speeding tickets and the one rolling a stop sign ticket I received was overturned by a judge. And the illegal tint ticket I got doesn't count, because the state trooper only gave it to me because I was in a foul mood and told him off (he had nothing else he could give me a ticket for). Overall, I am a better than average driver. However, I have begun to notice that while I'm driving with Trinity in the car my attention gets divided. She asks me questions about what she is looking at out the window or wants me to sing along to her CDs or she is having a meltdown and my attention is taken away from driving momentarily. I try to remind her that I'm driving and she will have to be patient until we reach our destination, but she's four and sometimes the dog on the sidewalk just cannot wait. Thus far, we have avoided catastrophe, but I can understand how accidents happen. So, to all those men out there who think we are bad drivers I say - maybe, but mostly we are just good moms.

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Penny said...

Do you have to decide what a truck is carrying? Or where it's going? That is what I have to do ;) No wonder I get distracted at times.

You may well be right.

You can be fined here for letting distraction get the better of you while driving... but it's mostly applied to cell phone use while driving.