Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am SO lucky.

Lucky that I have a phenomenal doctor. I love my doctor. He isn't perfect and I've had my issues with him over the years, but overall I think he's one of the best. He takes me seriously and listens to me when I have concerns. For instance, the hyperemesis gravidum (HG) has hit hard today. I've noticed this time around that my stomach acid is high when I feel my sickest. So, I logically thought that maybe Zantac would help. I called the phone nurse and after patronizing me and telling me I'm putting my baby in danger by even thinking of taking Zantac in the first trimester she agreed to talk to my doctor. I admit that I didn't have much faith in hearing from her again. However, she did talk to my doctor and she had to call me back eating crow and tell me that my doctor told me to 'absolutely try Zantac if I feel it will help'. As I said I love my doctor, because I feel better already.


Penny said...


Maybe a bit of yoghurt too if you can stomach it.

Kaza said...

Hi!!! I've clearly missed A LOT! Somehow your blog got lost in my huge list in my reader when it should have been up in my short list that I check every day.

ANYWAY, so... congratulations!!! What a surprise, huh? I have to read the earlier posts to catch up, but won't get to do that until tomorrow so wanted to comment real quick here and tell you congrats. I hope the sickness eases up soon. I remember how awful that is (I didn't have it as bad, but I felt ill every day from about week 4 through 14 or so, and never really had an appetite even after that). More soon, promise!