Saturday, August 2, 2008

And the ultrasound said . . .

Little blob is due March 24, 2009. I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I also want to thank you for not thinking I'm a basket case because I'm having a hard time getting excited about being pregnant. The ultrasound went well and little blob's heartbeat was around 155 and implanted in a great spot, so they said my risk of miscarriage at this point is very low. We still haven't told anyone, although I think we are going to tell family tomorrow. Trinity has been at my sister's and we go get her tomorrow morning, then we have a family BBQ at the in-law's because DH's sister & family is home from Vegas.
I'll make sure I let you know how telling the family goes. After all look at your reaction and you didn't have me telling you personally "Never, never, never, never again." Yep, looking forward to that one.


Astarte said...

Good luck telling the family. I'm sure after a lot of teasing they'll lay off. After all, a new baby is something to be thrilled about (especially as long as YOU'RE not the one that has to push it out!!!), planned or not. :)

Penny said...

SO glad it is all looking good. And I'd love to see T's face when you tell her ;)

As for the rest... you can always pretend that it was all part of making it a big surprise to keep 'em guessing! LOL! Surely folks are just going to be excited? ;)

Just tell them God has a sense of humour.