Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pop/Soda/Soft drinks/Carbonated beverages

I'm not sure what you call them in your area of the globe, but I'm talking about Coke, Pepsi & all the in between carbonated, sweetened and most of the time caffeinated beverages that most people consume. I dislike these drinks overall and generally consume them on rare occasions. People find this odd, because I also dislike water, but that is a post for another day. Why am I blogging about my dislike of soft drinks? Because for some reason it seems the only beverage that does not make me queasy right now. WTF??? I would think this would be bad enough, but no, it gets worse (at least in my mind). When I have a soft drink I tend to be a Pepsi or Pepsi product drinker or an A & W root beer fan (I make an exception for root beer floats - yum!). I don't think there is a nastier product on the market than Mountain Dew and Coke & any diet products come a very close second. Why am I telling you this, because for some reason my beverage of choice at the moment is Cherry Coke. I gravitate towards it at restaurants, when we do eat out these days I choose restaurants that I know serve Cherry Coke - basically, I am a Cherry Coke addict. I am hoping this phase does not last long, because I don't think I can handle the long term affects on my body. And, please no comments on how I shouldn't be drinking caffeine while pregnant, because I've gotten the okay from my doctor and right now we are just concerned about getting any fluids at all in me.


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

At this point, whatever makes you feel better and that you can keep down is good. Don't worry about the caffeine, you would have to drink nearly a case of it each day to come near the levels they say would be concerning. I craved root beer with my pregnancy, especially root beer floats!

Take care!

Penny said...

soft drinks in this part of the world ;)

It's funny - I don't normally drink them much, but while pg with Lydia I had a dreadful craving for the taste of coke. Fortunately for my conscience there is an organic caffiene free coke made in NZ that I liked and worked to satisfy the craving. ;)

Oh - I do drink ginger beer quite a bit though.

Hey, fluids and energy... can't go past that when you've got hypermeresis.

Sara said...

It's "pop" here, but I like to call it "soda"... the one thing that stuck with me from living in the south.
The only thing I was able to eat was pizza, and while not great for you, my doctor agreed that it's better than not eating!
I really hope that you are feeling better... and for your sake I hope you can break your addiction at some point LOL! I don't get it, but I LOVE soda!
So, what do you normally drink since you don't like soda or water?

Elfie33 said...

I say if you can keep it down keep doing what your doing.

BTW...Dr. Pepper is nector from the gods..LOL

Hang in there..*hugs*

GreenStyleMom said...

LOL Dr. Pepper was the only thing that helped my m/s as well! I NEVER drink soft drinks, but once I was pg, I consumed them like I was addicted. Maybe that is what is wrong with my kids... ?? :)

Astarte said...

Hell, whatever makes you feel good, is fine. I'm pretty sure that there's actually something in cola that makes it more palatable when you're queasy/sick, anyway, and the added cherry flavoring is probably what's making the cola taste good to you. Cherry coke is the only kind I like, too, and I never drink soda either, but if one of those is around, I'm gonna drink it. Yum.