Monday, August 4, 2008

I don't have to be excited.

Trinity is excited enough for EVERYONE! In my wildest imagination I could not have fathomed just how excited she is. She wants to know every detail and has even asked if she can go to the doctor with me. She wants to know how big it is and where it will sleep and the name. She has become ultra-protective of me, too. My SIL, who lived with us when Trinity was little, was teasing me and Trinity just flipped out, screaming "Don't say that to my Mom, you will hurt the baby's feelings."
Everyone seems happy for us, but since I'm since not quite to the excited stage, people were looking at me weird all day yesterday. I'm sorry that I find it hard to get excited about something I NEVER WANTED TO DO AGAIN. I am excited about the baby, just not about being pregnant. Give me a few more weeks and if I'm not puking 10 times a day, then maybe I might lighten up a bit - maybe.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there was only a small window where I actually enjoyed being pregnant. Hang in there.

GreenStyleMom said...

I'm glad that Trinity is so happy. I have to agree with you that pregnancy stinks... esp the nausea and puking. It is only beautiful and miraculous when you are the one NOT pg. Except for the little baby kicks. I miss those.

Chelle said...

Aww! Well maybe you'll feel 100% great this time!!

I felt wonderful w/ Kaili & Alana and the 1st trimester this time was hell. I was tired and felt like crap the whole time.

They say each time is different! ;)

Penny said...

Oh that is so sweet about Trinity :)

I'm one of those people who you love to hate because pg was easy for me. But I do hope the grungy stuff eases for you this time. Hang in there. It's hard to be excited about feeling crap - that I can well understand.

Astarte said...

OK< I'm going to admit something that's going to make me look like a fool, but here it goes: I was in such a state of denial about having another baby when I was pg w/ Patrick that when he was actually born, I was SHOCKED. I mean, I knew I was pregnant and all, and I love being pregnant, but his older sister was so awful as a baby for almost the entire first year that I was terrified to think about what another baby was going to do to a)my marriage and b)Josie, who would have been too young to cope with it all without hating the baby AND me for bringing it into our lives, if it was anything like she was. I'm not kidding, she screamed night and day for one reason or another until she was walking. So, I resolved to enjoy the pregnancy and not think about anything else. I was so successful that I literally was honest-to-God shocked that I had a baby to care for once he was out. It only lasted maybe a day or so, but it was there. So, I understand what you're saying about not being able to cope, entirely.