Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random thoughts

Happy Tuesday everyone. What a weekend! I'm so glad it is over. We got a lot done over the weekend outside, because the weather was absolutely amazing. I have all my flowers planted, but I think I already have to replace some. Bummer, but apparently I picked up some bad Snapdragons for my pots.

Well, I had decided that I was going to attend my local Memorial Day service, but yesterday is the one day my alarm clock (Trinity) decides to sleep past 6:30 a.m. On the one hand, woohoo for a child that decided to sleep to a normal hour (8:10 a.m.), but on the other hand I was sad about missing the service. We did make it to the parade, though. They did things different this year. Normally they have the parade and it ends at the war memorial in the yard of our courthouse. This year they did services at all the cemetaries, then one at the war memorial, then one for servicemen/women buried at sea at the lake, then finished with the parade. It was a bit odd for me, but nice all the same. We had a cool hearse from 1856 in our parade this year. Wow, talk about history and emotions - I had a hard time composing myself. Good thing I had Trinity, because she kept me grounded talking about the ponies.
I enjoyed the parade immensely, but I had to call my nephew shortly following to bitch. You see I take Memorial Day seriously. I use it as a day to honor my Dad and those servicepersons who have died and are currently serving our country. My nephew spent 22 months in Iraq and is home now. He is in the National Guard and runs a unit near me. I had to call to get the name of our local commander, because one of his soldiers is a FREAKING IDIOT!!! If you volunteer to be in a parade and you are in uniform following the American flag then you can have the common courtesy to NOT BE TALKING ON YOUR FREAKING CELL PHONE!! Our parade route was 15-20 minutes long. I can just about guarantee that whatever he was talking about could have waited. It was disrespectful to our flag, to our veterans and to his uniform. My nephew is known for making grown men cry and he actually said he would take care of it, because he thought I would put him to shame. That's how pissed off I am.
Okay, but enough about that. It is cold here today. All weekend I could go without a jacket & today I have a turtleneck on, my winter jacket & my space heater going. I want the sun to come out again.
Trinity only has 7 days of Montessori left. I'm a little worried that she won't adapt to going back to daycare. She really has thrived since we made the change. I hope she doesn't regress this summer.
Okay, that is it for now.


Petra said...

8-0 Holy hell.. I would have been pissed as well..

Though I admit that I ignore Memorial Day pretty much annually, I also take the uniform seriously (my generation is the first in my Dad's family to not have anyone serve.. My father, both my grandfathers, one of my uncles, my mother, both of my great grandfathers on my Dad's side.. All military (Army and Marines primarily)..

I'm a pacifist of sorts (bloodshed is the ABSOLUTE last option, saved for when more people will die by NOT going to war than will die in war), but I will support the honorable men and women who serve with every ounce of my being.

*sigh* that's just depressing. Hope your nephew made sure that individual got one holy hell of a dressing down.

Penny said...

That is plain rude - I hope he gets a suitable head adjustment.

Brooke said...

Are you kidding me? Who does that? It makes me so mad when I see people rudely using their phones, but I have to say that takes the cake. I hope he got into some trouble!

Yay for planting flowers though! I always feel better after digging in the dirt.

Candes said...

Any follow up on that guy? That's disgraceful.