Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Short update.

I'm sorry there was no Favorite Friday. I spent almost 8 hours in a car and was exhausted by the time we got to our destination. I also didn't put any photos on the laptop to post. I can't even promise a double post this Friday because Trinity is sick and I'm at home. I doubt any of you want to see a puking child, so I won't take pictures until she is better.
Our trip to Missouri was nice. I wish I would have done a little more research on the hotel, because it wasn't the greatest. It was fine, but we kept the window open most of the time because it smelled. I realized that even at a happy event like a college graduation there are some mean nasty people. I won't go into details because the two people don't need encouragement in their behavior.
Trinity had a great time and loved hanging out with her Uncle Josh, who she hasn't seen in a couple years.
Mother's Day was once again spent in the car. It wasn't so bad and it was really nice getting home. We played Chutes & Ladders, Gone Fishing, Memory & Go Fish after dinner. It was a great time.
I'll post again once Trinity is feeling better.

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