Monday, March 17, 2008

The healing power of the Curly Wurly

It was a typical Monday after completely waking up this morning. Trinity crawled into bed with us around 12:30/1:00 a.m. and after she fell back to sleep I woke the husband up to carry her back to her room. Then she woke us up again at 7 a.m. Not bad for her (she is an early morning person) but my usual diversionary tactics (look, the cat is on the bed or hey, Dad's downstairs) didn't work to get that few minutes I need to become functional after being awakened with a knee to the stomach. So, we head down to the kitchen for breakfast (Cheerios and grapes) where I get lectured about not having heart shaped cereal bowls like the one on the Cheerios box. After a few minor meltdowns (dumping cereal & milk all over ourselves, no pink underwear to go with our all pink ensemble, Mom brushing our hair, Mom putting a ponytail in our hair, Mom not putting the right kind of ponytail in our hair) we are dressed and out the door. We somehow, even after playing in the newly fallen snow on the way to the truck, ended up at school early. After dropping the dear child off and picking up a very large cup of cappuccino I arrived at the studio. I have to shovel my own sidewalk and was having so much fun de-stressing that I shoveled the two stores next to me as well. Stopping only because I had to pee.
Once I got inside and ready to work I found I was having a hard time getting motivated to work. Hmm. . .hunger maybe, so I found the only food I had in here - a Curly Wurly. If you have never heard of this candy bar do not be alarmed as it hails from Europe. A good friend of mine has a sister living in the UK and sister's boyfriend sends boxes of Curly Wurly's to good friend. When I do a particularly good job of sucking up or it is my birthday (*hint*hint*) she will share a Curly Wurly with me. When you think about the Curly Wurly it does not seem that special - Cadbury chocolate covering a thin ribbon of caramel. But it just melts in your mouth and makes your whole body happy. After eating my Curly Wurly I am having a wonderful day.
I helped a very nice lady on the phone who hired a photographer that she now has to sue find some documentation she needed. I helped my husband with a problem he was having - all because of the Curly Wurly.
Now I am going to meet with a bride whose wedding I am shooting in May. She is a bit high maintenance, but because of the Curly Wurly I am looking forward to seeing her.

Long live the Curly Wurly!


Sara said...

I've never heard of a Curly Wurly, but it sounds amazing ;)
Have a great day!!!

Penny said...

Far out! I think I need one of those! They sound wonderful!