Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm blogging, I'm really, really blogging.

Yeah, I can't believe it either. I have to admit I wasn't quite ready to post, I'm hungry and I haven't had near enough coffee, so this should be interesting.
The American Cancer Society is selling bundles of daffodils today. I bought two bunches. This is half of what I normally purchase, but they went up $2/bunch from last year and I'm a bit low on cash today. This is now my reminder notice to send a "guilt" donation. What a great cause, though. I've known and currently know too many people who have or are currently fighting this horrible disease.
Since this is my first post I won't be jumping on any of my many, many, many soapboxes today. Well, I'm starving and my lunch date is calling. But don't worry - you can't get rid of me that easy.


GreenStyleMom said...

Love your new blog!

Penny said...

Yay! Another bloggy online friend! :)

Looking forward to seeing your work on here a bit. ;-)

Melissa said...

Hi Neda! Welcome to the blogging world!