Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Waiting (impatiently) for the baby

Okay, this the last time I want to know when someone goes into the hospital to have a baby. Just keep me in the dark until it is over! My SIL & BIL were admitted last night about 8 p.m. for an induction and we've heard nothing since. I'm very excited for them as this is there first child. I keep texting them but so far no news. I'm not a patient person, and since my only experience with labor was my own daughter, which lasted less than 4 hours, I feel the baby should be here by now. I realize that most people take longer than 4 hours with their labor and that she is being induced which takes time also, but as I said I'm impatient! I'm trying to keep my mind off the waiting by searching for plane tickets, but since the tickets are to go see the baby it seems a bit counterproductive.
Okay, maybe I'll try working. Don't worry I'll be back either to announce the baby or scream because she doesn't want to meet her super cool aunt!

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